Saturday, 5 September 2015

Symptons Of Motion Sickness

People forced to live next to industrial wind turbines complain about the symptoms of motion sickness. Severe headaches, nausea and loss of balance are the frequent complaints. So are we going to be told that brain zapping is what we all need?!
Governments, Local Councils, Planners and the Councillors need to be 100% convinced that the many people living nearby industrial wind turbines would not suffer any ill health due to their decision over all applications.
The many globally published peer reviewed documents validate evidence that shows living next to a wind turbine can be harmful to humans and animals. Living with random sound pollution and the repetitive swoosh, screeching and clunking noises from wind turbines can be continuously disturbing - day and night – and the following symptoms have been identified:
° Headaches/migraines which are increased in frequency or severity.
° Sleep problems, insomnia, awakening from aerodynamic modulation noise.
° Dizziness, nausea and unsteadiness.
° Depression, exhaustion, irritability, stress, anger and anxiety.
° Concentration and learning problems, especially in children.
° Tinnitus and ear infections.
° Heart palpitations and lung disorders and death

Friday, 4 September 2015

Lets Hide The True Noise Levels

One of the conditions set out by ABP was to measure the noise a certain way, AWN who carried out the noise monitoring decided to change the planning condition set down by ABP, from measuring LAeq to LA 90 - now I will get too technical but this means they have decided to try and hide the level of noise to suit their needs using a noise description of L90 rather than LAeq as set out in the planning condition. this gives a totally wrong reading, we are also subjected to shadow flicker which was another condition set out by the planning department, as well as the audible noise being heard inside the house we are being subjected to LFN/infrasound which has serious side effects, Read here to find out more 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Subsidies, funding, then the true facts

I have heard of other local residents being affected in some way, some have moved away completely due to ill health, it is very disappointing when something is built with claims of improving the area and infrastructure and all it does is to ruin local residents daily life, a wind farm operation that receives subsidies paid for by the tax payer should not make the local residents ill or for them to leave there properties due to noise, illness, etc, it is all well and good paying local groups a few thousand each year in funding but the tax payer is paying for this themselves to start with, what about the local residents close to the wind farm that are being affected, the wind  farm should be compensating these people, put the tax payers paid subsidies to some good use find a solution to stop the shadow flicker, constant audible noise and Low Frequency Noise, we have as citizens, a constitutional right to live in our own homes and enjoy it. Landowners of the wind farm are compensated enough yearly to allow them to move away to a different area.